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I have travel trailer and it has car battery installed near the hitch to power the power inverter to provide A?

I have travel trailer and it has car battery installed near the hitch to power the power inverter to provide AC power inside the trailer. question is how can the battery be charged when it is depleted? how can it be connected to my SUV's alternator to have it charged?I have travel trailer and it has car battery installed near the hitch to power the power inverter to provide A?
some trailers have a seven wire plug that can also be set up to charge the battery while you are going down the road. the problem is, you need a heavy duty alternator to make this work on a long term basis. Talk to either a U haul dealer who you can pay to wire this up with a universal plug, or do what I did , I just took my battery charger with me on the road, and when I got to an RV park I plugged the trailer in , then plugged the charger into the outside plug and put it on 2 am charge and charged the rv battery overnight. RV stores,and places like wal mart sell plastic battery boxes with covers and straps. You protect the battery from all types of weather, and I could put the charger under the trailer if it was raining and still charge it slow overnight if necessary.I have travel trailer and it has car battery installed near the hitch to power the power inverter to provide A?

it should be normally wired thru your light wiring to accept an charge....

if not you can precharge it with an battery charger then when your camping you can hook it to your ride with jumper cables and recharge it. Also check if it has an cord that you can plug into the trailer it may be wired up to provide power to the battery for you.

have fun

Travel trailer refrigerator question?

I have a 2010 wildwood travel trailer and I am planning on going on a long road trip. It comes with 2 thirty gallon propane tanks that can run the refrigerator. My question is how long can my 2 tanks run the refrigerator?Travel trailer refrigerator question?
Propane refrigerators are relatively economical for consumption. If you can find the rating plate on the appliance it should list the btu's of the burner. It probably is no more than about 2500 btu's...

The quick and dirty formula for consumption is that 100,000 btu's will burn 1 gallon in 1 hour. So 100,000 梅 2500 = 40. You are going to use 1 gallon of propane every 40 hours. A gallon of propane is 4.2 Lbs roughly, so you have about 7 gallons of propane in a 30lb cylinder. 14 gallons ( 2 cylinders ) x 40 hours = 560 hours...divided by 24 hours is just over 23.

So...after all that confusing have about 3 weeks supply for your refrigerator if it is running under full load all the time. I would say you easily have a months worth of propane supply there.Travel trailer refrigerator question?
Can I assume you meant 30 pound and not 30 gallon? 30 pound cylinders are typical on most larger travel trailers and fifth wheels. A 30 pound cylinder will hold 7 gallons when filled. That's about 80% of its total volume but propane cylinders are not filled completely to allow for expansion of the gas at warmer temperatures.

If you're just running the refrigerator then your two full cylinders will last a two to three months or more. But most times you will also be using the stove top, oven and furnace. The furnace being the biggest consumer. In the winter I can go through two cylinders in eight days. In the summer, not using the furnace much or at all, I can go a month or more.

Keep in mind there will always be places along your way where you can refill the cylinders. Many campgrounds and RV parks sell it as well as gas stations. So as long as you plan ahead, just a little, you won't have to worry about running out.

Generally, RV refrigerators are designed to work on either propane or 120 volts however the control board needs 12v to operate.

Steven Fletcher - Full Time RVerTravel trailer refrigerator question?
I thought the fridge runs off of 12 volts taken from the trailer harness or the trailer battery.

The propane runs the heater (furnace) and the stove/oven

How do i mount a vent cover on a travel trailer?

I bought a vent cover for my travel trailer and it came with no instructions on how to mount it. Help!How do i mount a vent cover on a travel trailer?
It should have some holes in it for screws. Screw the vent where you want it (preferably over the vent).

You sound like the vent opening is already there since it is a vent cover,How do i mount a vent cover on a travel trailer?
Take the vent and measure the inside openning at bottom of vent lay out this measurement on the trailer where you want it cut it out and if this vent has a inside section make sure it fits hole and put some silcone caulk on flange of vent and screw in on.

Can I tow a 23 foot travel trailer with my 30 foot RV?

Can my 30 foot RV tow my 23 foot travel trailer? Is that even legal, if it is possible? I live in BC, Canada

Thanks!Can I tow a 23 foot travel trailer with my 30 foot RV?
I know several people that travel with a tag-a-long towing a car towing a boat. So yes it can be done, with care. But you will need to check with DOT(department of transportation) as to the legality in the states or provinces) o travel through. I also have a friend who drives a 45' Marathon and he tows a 30' Class "C".

Also lkeep in mind it will be real slow going in hills and mountains and you MPG will drop dramatically.

Take care and whatever you do have fun doing it!
See what the towing limits are for your coach, but I would say no unless the TT is really light. It would be a real strain on the drivetrain of the coach. I have seen pickups with campers pulling a TT but again, it is a real load on the vehicle doing the pulling.Can I tow a 23 foot travel trailer with my 30 foot RV?
you best ask your dept. of motor vehicles.
be careful of your turning, not much room in beteewn units.Can I tow a 23 foot travel trailer with my 30 foot RV?
the capability and leagality are two differant things. Yes it is possible you first have to see what the towing capibilitys are of your RV it should be in your owners manual or ask an RV dealers. As far as legality you need to contact your local licences office.

What is the markup on a new travel trailer?

OK, we know there is some "real cost" in the manufacture of a travel trailer--including overhead, etc. Let's say a unit lists for $20,000 on a dealer lot. What do you think is the ACTUAL invoice amount for such a trailer? (Not including delivery, dealer prep, interest, etc.)

Thanks, The RoamersWhat is the markup on a new travel trailer?
Its about 30-40% is the list price but most dealerships show list and go down from that, search the Internet for the lowest price and deal with the dealer from your area so you can get it serviced
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  • Has anybody ever redone the interior of a travel trailer?

    Im looking at a travel trailer that needs work on the interior. I am a pretty handy guy And I figure I can do the work myself. I guess what I am wondering is what materials a required and what are some of the pitfalls. It is a 79 that wasnt maintained so I am pretty sure ther is a lot of work to be done. I may have to gut the whole thing. Oh yea its 27' long.Has anybody ever redone the interior of a travel trailer?
    I have a 76 model 35 foot fifth wheel I'm working on luckily though it was in good condition. The main things I have run into is rotting spots from water leak. Seems like all the demention are different from regular home work. I cool sealed the top then about a month later I cool sealed it again. that took care of the leaks. Now I don't know exactly what you plan to do but I put a regular house refrigorator and toliet . If you do this make sure you secure the real good so they will hold up the travel pressure. Travel Trailers connection can't handle the extra wieght by themselves. Also make sure all cabinet keep travel trailer door latches. Just keep in mind the pressure that happen during movement and make sure you take measures to help prevent but be careful not to wiegh it down to much cause the suspension won't hold up. by the way the good thing is the older models like we have are built tougher.Has anybody ever redone the interior of a travel trailer?
    I have done one. It was a 88. It was shaped like a rectangle, for the most part. So I took it apart like a box the top the sides the floor.

    I replaced all the wood 1x1's all the insulation, all the electrical, all the gas/waste lines. Replaced the bearings, rebuilt the floor. Undercoated the frame. Painted the alluminum sides/top. Screwed everything back together while applying sealent where needed.

    It was a lot of work and took a lot of time for something that only gets used a couple of times a year. But, I saved a lot of cash by doing it by myself insted of buying a new one.

    If you have the time/room to do it. It is fairley easy. You just need to weigh how much your time is worth to rebuild the camper against how much a new/newer camper will cost.

    I got the one that I gutted for free. So, after $1500 in new materials and about 70 hours I had a like new camper.

    If you do decide to do it. Take photos. If you decide to sell it later on(as with any thing) photos will help.

    GoodluckHas anybody ever redone the interior of a travel trailer?
    you just have to start in and go, however where i am located campers in better shape, are cheaper than a complete remodel job. you can look online for bluebook prices, and adjust your costs as how much money you may be getting into.
    Unless you plan on keeping it for yourself, and the pride of saying I did that, it isn't going to be worth the work you put into it, especially if you attempt to sell it.

    BY all means do it if you have the space to work, tools to MAKE what you need, and the required skills. Be prepared to search for the hard to find parts. The economy is going to be your biggest adversary.

    Don't start anything your neighbors will object to.

    What is it like to own a camper/travel trailer?

    The kids and I would like to get a "travel trailer" camper under 30 feet. We think camping on the weekends would be fun. My hubby thinks it is just another hassle and says he does not want to mess with winterizing it, upkeep etc. Is winterizing difficult? Could I get some input from others that have campers, basically is it a pain the butt to own one, or worth it? Please tell me the positives and negatives. Thank you!!What is it like to own a camper/travel trailer?
    If your husband is not hot for the idea, forget it. You will not be able to hook everything up, tow it, and then UNhook everything by yourself, so it will spend the majority if not ALL it's life sitting.

    Even when husbands are the main one pushing for buying one, they STILL sit a lot.

    My advice for you if you're determined to get something is check out a slide in truck camper. You need a 1 ton truck to do it right.

    Sorry I don't know about winterizing. I live in Ca..What is it like to own a camper/travel trailer?
    The positives are: It's comfy to camp in.

    The negatives are: The initial cost is crazy, the upkeep cost is crazy, taxes on it are crazy, do you have a place to store it, Are the neighbors going to complain about it sitting at your house, Is it going to sit for months at a time and need cleaned and repaired every time you want to use it, will the roof start leaking and ruin the interior the first time it gets ice or snow on the roof, will the heat air conditioning and plumbing work when you get where you are going, can you get where you are going with an over sized vehicle, can you do repairs and maintenance yourself, is there a dealer close to where you live so you can get astronomically priced parts when you need them, you have to empty the septic system, you have to drain everything and add antifreeze in the winter and the list goes on and on.

    It is a money pit, the value always goes down, never up. It is not an investment, it is a luxury and an expensive one at that.

    So I guess if you have plenty of money, go for it.What is it like to own a camper/travel trailer?
    For a camper to be economical, it needs to be used several times a year to justify the initial expense. You need to make sure you have a vehicle to tow it and do you have a place to park it while not in use without having to pay for storage. Do not buy a NEW RV for your first experience. Winterizing is not expensive.